Périgord cheese …..yes please!

Périgord cheese …..yes please!


ne of the things you just do when you’re in France, is going to one of the many many markets, on one of the many many village squares, where the stallholders show their wonderful selection of cheeses. France boasts over a thousand varieties of delicious cheese and the cheese stalls are a highlight. Seeing all that cheese, you’ll be surprised to learn though, that in Europe, the French, consuming an average of 26.4kg of cheese a year, and are behind the Danes, Icelanders and Finns. There’s a French cheese to suit everyone, soft or hard, crumbly or firm, mouldy, blue-veined or downright smelly. The main varieties are soft, blue, pressed and goat’s milk.

Bon appétit!

Pimm + Marcel

French cheese from Périgord | Gîte Loups d'Or Dordogne

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